Senior Adult Ministry
Senior Adult Ministries Coordinator: Anne Hipp

Welcome to all - seniors, those with older family members, and all others who will someday be a part of this stage of life, one which is filled with the joys of having lived long and, perhaps, the fears of what is to come.  Welcome to members of the Trinity family, those who may join us, and all friends. 

  • Blood pressure is taken after the worship service the second Sunday of the month by a qualified volunteer.
  • Grief counseling/bereavement support
  • Help with nursing home placements
  • Visits and counseling to those and their families facing the challenge of cancer
  • Annual Christmas caroling
  • Programs on topics of interest to seniors
  • Visitation Program - Nursing home residents, shut-ins and members having limited social contacts are paired  with congregational volunteers who visit on a monthly basis, offering acceptance and the love of the church.  Visitors have ranged in age from a babe in the arms of her mother to an octogenarian, all bringing the gift of self.  Meetings are held most months of the school year to sharpen listening skills and inform visitors on various aspects of the aging process.  Visitors and those they visit who are ambulatory gather in the spring to socialize at the coordinator's house.

The part- time position of Senior Adult Ministry Coordinator was created in 1994 with the goal of creating a friendly, caring program of visitation. Additional services have expanded during this time. Trinity United Methodist Church has a number of organizations and activities for its older members separate and apart from those overseen by the Senior Adult Ministry Coordinator, Anne Hipp. 
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