New Sermon Series in January

A Sermon Series on Popular Questions

January 10 – How Different is Christianity from Other Religions?
How different Christianity from other religions? Why do people of different religions have wars against each other? What can we say about our faith to the people of different religions?
January 17 – Are Faith and Science Compatible?
Is faith compatible with science? What can we say to our children about creation and evolution? How can science help me to keep my faith and even get it stronger?
January 24 – Faith and Culture
God helps those who help themselves. Is this phrase in the Bible? Does this phrase reflects the teaching in the Bible? Living with faith often clashes with culture. How can we keep faith from challenges from culture? How can we influence culture? 
January 31 – Why different denominations?
Why so many different denominations? I don’t see much difference between different denominations. How different are they? What is Methodism? What does the Methodist Church believe?